Enjoying the nature surrounding our home

March 21, 2012

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Enjoying the nature surrounding our home

Guest post written by Elizabeth Call

We have a cabin that we share with my siblings and our kids love to go there in the spring. That’s my favorite time too. It’s almost too hot in the summer and there’s no air conditioning. Then in the winter it’s a bit too chilly. One things that I love about the cabin in the spring is that you can hear all the birds chirping. It doesn’t really seem like spring until then.

But in the past few years I’ve heard less birds and it worries me. So we decided to build a big birdhouse to take with us one weekend and put in the yard there to attract some more birds. I looked online for some decent birdhouse plans and when I did that I saw the website I looked through it a little bit and after that I decided to use the site’s services to help us with our debt.

I found a really good plan for a birdhouse and got my husband to cut out the wood and assemble it. Then the kids and I painted it some bright colors to brighten up the property and attract some birds.

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