New Technology in Fuel Economy May Change Everything

February 6, 2013


This post brought to you by Echo Automotive. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh, who of us isn’t groaning about the economy, especially the fuel economy. The prices of gasoline and diesel are atrocious, and who can afford a brand new hybrid car that may (or may not!) work? Additionally, the high price of fuel affects much more than our daily work commute or summer vacation plans. It also spells higher costs for food, consumer goods, shipping, and transportation including airfare, bus fare and business travel. I’ve been waiting in the wings for a company to develop something that will solve this conundrum. And I think I’ve found something!

Have you heard of an EchoDrive? It’s a new, patent-pending technology that looks like it may be THE answer to our fuel economy woes in this country. Unlike the other so-called solutions that require businesses and consumers to purchase entirely new vehicles, EchoDrive provides incredible fuel efficiency to existing vehicles! Can you say, “Is this for real??” I think it is! I just read a report Brought to you by the Chuck Hughes Microcap Report about Echo Automotive, the company behind the technology. The company has developed a system that bolts onto the existing powertrain of vehicles. It transforms the vehicle into a hybrid seemingly overnight! The company says their EchoDrive can double fuel efficiency in many cases.

Think of what this means for the transportation industry: buses, taxis, shipping companies, and more. The system would not only increase fuel efficiency but emissions are cleaner, too. I found this video and a few infographics on the website.

 photo echodrive-report-chart_zps22b5bdd5.jpeg

The company is currentl seeking investors in what could become THE most important technological advancement in decades. It’s so impressive that I am thinking of investing!

 photo Reduceyourfuelusageinyourexistingfleetbyupto50-EchoAutomotive_zpsbcd62b6d.jpg

What do you think? Do you think something like this can change the fuel industry? I think if it reduces the cost of living and makes us less reliant on foreign oil, it’s a win-win situation. Check it out!

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